There is a wide variety of way’s that you can use to help yourself deal with pain and try to function through your day. Now some of these technique’s may work better than other’s and result’s will differ from one person to another but all in all it’s how much work and effort you put into it. Always have a positive mind going into whatever you do,that will contribute to the way you feel and will help with the effectiveness of these technique’s.

1.” Listening to music”-will have a huge impact on the way you feel and will  help the flow of “endorphins + dopamine” the body’s natural pain molecules that are released from the brain when we are happy, laugh or even help somebody out. That’s why music can be a powerful tool to use when it come’s to  feeling and dealing with pain, Listening to music doesn’t  take your pain away it just simply distracts the brain signal’s that warn you of pain and if you can move or even dance to that music preferably 150 beat’s per minute-that’s going to be the most likely #number that will get you up an moving. moving and dancing will have the greatest impact because moving are joints helps with blood circulation and that help’s break up toxin’s that collect in are joints which can only be released by moving and working them out through sweat and bodily fluids.

2.Hot shower’s- soaking in the tub-by soaking the body in hot water with added salt’s+ minerals like Epson salt will help with bone+ inflammation pain-also a heating pad on the area that’s sore for about 15-30 mins-or ICE- directly after an injury for 15-25 mins.

3.Meditation-if you can get some quiet time and just breath relax and just clear your mind, you can add music to your meditation after you learn how to clear your mind but not just any music and definitely not 150beats per minute, for this I suggest  some Chinese traditional music or even slow meditation melodies.

4.Diet-what you eat through out the day can impact the way you feel try to eat food’s that help fight inflammation+ pain like tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, almonds, even spice’s black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, magnesium, vitamin-D, vitamin-B12, proteolytic enzymes, O-mega3 fatty acids.

5.Exercise-Pilates-Yoga-Tai chi-Feldenkraig method-Heller work-Trager approach, Aston pattering, Reflexolgy, Alexander Technique,Hypnotherapy, Balneotherapy,

6.Massage Therapy-Chiropractic


8.Capsaicin cream, DMSO-70% concentrate topical ointment, I personally use-Kwan loong oil-I think its way better that Bio-freeze, Ben gay, Tiger balm I tried them all and so far nothing compare’s to Kwan loong oil it even last’s longer but the relief is bar non to its competitor’s.

9.Natural remedies like Devil’s claw+ White Willows bark is the asprin and advil of the wood’s



Try a few different technique’s that we mention here to further understand what help’s or what doesn’t help your brain+ body through the pain your dealing with. I would like to hear from you if you could leave a comment or share something that work’s for you or what technique’s or tip’s and trick’s you might like to share with us here. Look forward to see your post’s on what helped and what didn’t.